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​​​​ Carr Project Services 

Owners occasionally may not have all of the internal resources desired to guide or manage their projects and  teams.

If you need to temporarily turn to someone who has the expertise to fill those potential gaps and outsource some  project tasks,  no matter how complex, simple, small or large the project is, I'll deliver the services to you in a fully transparent, open, well communicated and accountable fashion as your advocate. No matter how small the services are that you require.

I will also respectfully refer you to others in our trusted network who can provide additional services if needed.

I know what it takes to succeed!

Dave Carr
Dave Carr, CCM, CHC

Dave Carr, CCM, CHC


To help protect my clients from unethical practices in the construction industry, I guaranteed my customers that I would always work by these ethics when I became a Certified Construction Manager many years ago.

CMAA Code of Ethics

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